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    California Approved
    Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper

    EMR Laser Scripts ~ Rx Pads

    California Rx Pads

    The State of California

    • All Prescription Paper used for prescribing Controlled Substances
      must be purchase from a California DOJ State Approved Printer.

    • All Rx forms used for prescribing Medicaid reimbursed medications
      must be printed on Tamper Resistant Rx Paper that follows Medicaid Guidelines

    • Micro Format, Inc. is a California State "approved printer"
      for Secure Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper

    • Micro Format Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Products
      meet and exceed all Medicaid Requirements

    • ALL California Prescription Paper
      MUST BE SHIPPED to the License address or the address on file with the DEA.

    • At Micro Format, printing Security Prescription Paper is our business ... not a side line !
    California Approved Secure Rx Paper Products
    contain all of the required security features including:

    • Hidden "VOID" Message Technology
    • Distinctive BLUE Colored Background
    • Blue background Erasure Protection
    • Secure control batch number
    • Security Ghost Watermark
    • Security Feature Warning Band
    • Secure Rub Thermochromatic Color Change Ink
    • Chemical Reactivity
    • Batch Numbers with Consecutive Numbering

    Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper Products
    ~ California Rx Pads ~ ~ California EMR Laser Rx Paper ~

    For Rx Paper Products in states other than California
    Visit www.PrescriptionPaper.com

    Single Use Self Expiring Visitor Name Badge Labels on rolls

    Self expiring labels on a roll

    Keep Your Facility Safe and Secure with Single Use Self Expiring Name Badges

    Ultrasound Thermal Printer Paper
    SecureGuardtm Maxwell on demand Ultrasound Paper for use in hospitals, clinics, OB offices and others. Compatible ultrasound paper for use in Sony and Mitsubishi Ultrasound equipment .

    Commercial Rx Pad Printers
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    Medical Software Developers
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    At Micro Format, printing Security Prescription Paper is our business ... not a side line !

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